Professional maintenance and servicing

A service involves carrying out an overall technical inspection of your outboard motor which includes the following tasks. We will always contact you if we find any defects or if any extra work needs to be carried out.

NOTE: We only carry out servicing outside the season (September to February inclusive). We do not carry out any motor servicing after March.

Minor service

  • Change motor oil
  • Change shaft oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Lubricate pivot points
  • Visually inspect cooling system
  • Replace petrol filter
  • Test and adjust

Major service

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace petrol filter
  • Replace impeller
  • Inspect anodes (replace if necessary)
  • Inspect thermostat (replace if necessary)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the carburettor(s) if necessary
  • Lubricate pivot points
  • Check valve clearance
  • Check/adjust switch/throttle cables
  • Check toothed belt
  • Check motor block for leaks
  • Inspect and lubricate propeller shaft
  • Motor readout + readout report (EFI motors)
  • Test and adjust


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